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Tsing Hua College
5 -8 December 2011, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Department of Tsing Hua College

Tsing Hua College


Center for General Education

The primary mission of the Center for General Education is to design and offer both core and elective courses of general education to NTHU undergraduate students. The objectives of the curriculum are to broaden the students’ vision, enrich their knowledge and nurture personal integrity. Launched in the academic year of 2006, the core-course program consists of seven dimensions of education: (1) Ways of Thinking, (2) Exploration of Life, (3) Art and Aesthetics, (4) Social and Cultural Dynamics, (5) Science, Technology and Society, (6) Cultural Classics, and (7) Historical Analysis. The Center also offers advanced elective courses that are designed to integrate professional knowledge with basic literacy of contemporary everyday life.

Center for Teacher Education

The Center for Teacher Education provides quality education program to students who are interested in a secondary school teaching career. In addition, the Center also frequently holds seminars and collaborates with elementary and junior high schools in research projects in order to support local communities in education, extend student experiences and enhance teaching effectiveness. The Center has thus earned acknowledgment for its first-rate teaching, research and community service quality. With the establishment of Institute of Learning Sciences, the Center will continue to strive for excellence.

Physical Education Office

NTHU has a long-standing tradition in encouraging pursuits in both intellectual development and physical health. The Physical Education Office is dedicated to providing a sound sports system to students and faculty , promoting physical activities, improving performance in sports competitions, and endeavoring in the enrichment of physical education courses. As such, the Office has built an environment that nurtures a healthy habit of exercise and passion for physical activities for every NTHU member.

Military Education Office

The mission of the Military Education Office is to provide all-out defense education military training and conduct related researches. The instructors of the Office also assist the Office of Student Affairs in serving and counseling students.


Arts Center

The missions of the Arts Center are to cultivate students’ sense of aesthetics, inspire creativity and open-mindedness, nurture an appreciation of the arts and fulfill the spirit of university holistic education. The Center is responsible for promoting and initiating a variety of art activities and support art-related general education courses. Exhibitions and performances are organized periodically in order to cover diversities of art events, so that the Center would serve as the hub of cultural and art activities on campus as well as in the greater Hsinchu area.


Institute of Learning Science

Rapid changes in society and technological progress have greatly altered the way people learn. Traditional educational research has gradually shifted its focus to investigate the nature of learning. Learning sciences comprise a new field, emphasizing the use of an integrated interdisciplinary perspective in exploring the characteristics of the learning process as it takes place in real-world situations. Learning sciences also seek to find applications of technology for enhancing learning performance. The Institute of Learning Sciences approaches learning from four perspectives—Human Cognition and Development, Social and Cultural Contexts, Learning Technologies, and Learning Guidance—to study learning mechanisms and developments in modern society, and its educational objective is to train students who can turn learning theory into effective practices.


Language Center

Officially established in September, 2000, the Language Center supports the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language (EFL) throughout the University. Its mission is to promote and support the learning of English for personal, academic and employment purposes. It does so by providing high quality language teaching and accessible learning resources in both physical and virtual modes. It also provides professional advisory services to support individual learners. Currently, it designs, develops and offers required and elective English courses for undergraduate and graduate students of the University. The Language Centre is an Institution within Commission of General Education. The staff of the Center consists of a director, three administrative assistants, five contract-based instructors and over thirty part-time instructors.

Writing Center

Being able to encode idea and knowledge in clear writing is one of the most important skills for people living in this era of information. The Writing Center at National Tsing Hua University helps, in addition to regular courses, students learn how to express information in precise and concise writing. The Writing Center provides courses for English and Chinese writing, and writing consultations. We also work on teaching material development and teacher education constantly.


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